Why Choose Us?

We are the very first Medical Tourism company on the Moldovan market and our main goal is to raise awareness upon the possibilities you may have whilst planning your treatment abroad.
  • GoMD.eu was founded in 2018 to help people find excellent healthcare providers in order to plan their treatment abroad, having access to the world class service provisioning in multiple destinations. 
  • We are a start-up company, yet our vision goes big. With the full direct support from world known medical facilities we strive to promote access to high level healthcare solutions. 
  • You may find the profiles with short description of the medical facilities we are partnered with on our platform. 
  • Our team of professionals works constantly on increasing the list of the medical institutions we work with on daily basis. The list will only grow, thus giving you more and more possibility to choose your preferred destination. 
  • We are here to assist you on every step of your health travel, starting with finding the best fitting healthcare provider and till you get safely back home. 
  • We make money from the commission we get from our partners and from selling the advertising spots on our platform.  
  • You can access GoMD via iPhone, Android devices. 

How it works

6 easy steps to get closer to your desired treatment abroad.

Submit your reuqest

Provide us with a detailed request upon the care you seek, include the medical history, diagnosis, x-ray, etc.

Find Medical Institution

We manage your documents and forward your request to our partners, Medical Institutions abroad.

Await Feedback

We will receive the feedback, Second Opinion, the quote or additional information request from several partners.

Plan your health travel

You will choose the medical provider and get your health travel planned from A to Z.

Receive treatment

You will receive the best care from world class specialists at the chosen destination.

Get top support

Our team of professionals will assist you through out the whole process, from planning your travel to your safely return home.