GoMD.eu – Standard Terms and Conditions

The present Terms and Conditions (the “T&C”) along with our current Privacy Policy represent the fully operational General Service Agreement between GoMD.eu (brand of “MedLife Consulting” SRL), with its office located at 15 Alecu Russo str, 2nd Floor, office 16, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova (hereinafter GoMD.eu, “The Company”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”) and You as the potential or existing beneficiary of the services we provide (“You”, “Your”, the “Patient”, the “Client”).

The present Agreement’s goal is to facilitate legal bound between the Company and the Patient as a result of the Company Website’s usage.

Whilst using Our Website and requesting services render, You hereby give your consent upon acceptance of the present Agreement with all its clauses and you agree to comply in the best possible manner with the Terms described below. Given the fact that you disagree with any clause or fully with the Agreement, you are hereby asked to stop using the Website immediately.

The present Agreement is subject to changes upon requirements. These may take place with or without prior notices to Our Users/Patients. We highly recommend you checking the Terms from time to time in order to be kept up to date with any possible changes implemented. Given the fact that you disagree with an potential or implemented changes within the Agreement, you are hereby asked to stop using the Website and/or the Services we provide.


With the proviso to usage of the Website, You, the Patient, must be of a legal age accordingly to your country’s laws and regulations. In the event that you fall in the under age category, you are hereby asked to stop using the Website without your legal Guardians strict supervision. Furthermore, GoMD.eu reserves the right to terminate the cooperation with any individual of under legal age without any prior notice.



GoMD.eu is an international online platform that acts as an intermediary between the Patients and Medical Institutions, such as clinics, medical centers, hospitals, etc across the world. By using the Website and/or requesting assistance with GoMD.eu, you are offered a range of medical assistance services provided by the partner clinics and other high quality healthcare solutions providers.

GoMD.eu main activity is to help raise awareness and offer better possibilities for our Users to access high level healthcare solutions across the globe. We do not promote any specific Healthcare Provider, but assist the User with seeking the best fitting Medical Institution for further treatment. The User is fully entitled to make the final decision upon the destination and/or the clinic to benefit of the services of.

The information provided on the site, regarding the Medical Institutions, is either given to us by the Medical Institutions themselves or by info mining through the reliable sources, ie. Hospitals’ official websites. GoMD.eu is eager to inform that all the information on Our Website is kept up-to-date, however We do not hold any liability upon its accuracy and precision. Our platform does not serve the purpose of Medical Institutions presentation, nor recommendation nor endorsement of the 100% positive result warranty for the services provided by the Medical Institutions.



GoMD.eu is in no way a certified healthcare and/or medical service provider. Our Company represents an intermediary third-party organization, with its purpose to provide healthcare solutions information and medical travel assistance only. None of the information provided on the Website and/or any other third-party should be viewed as valid medical consultation whatsoever. Therefore, the information on the Website, cannot serve as a decision making leverage whether to proceed with the planned treatment or terminated it at Your own decision. The information on the Website should only be used in order to analyze the possibilities of healthcare solutions across the world.



Our Services Users are subjects to pay a set fee for the services we provide. For more information about the applicable charges, please, contact us via e-mail at info@gomd.io

The fee covers the submission of the medical records to the Medical Institutions, initial assistance with the treatment planning, documents translation. In the event the User decides to proceed further using our services and requests assistance, an e-mail will be sent with the service cost details and the contract associated with the services rendered. By signing the contract, the User gives consent to payment collection accordingly.



Any Patient seeking assistance with our company, may easily create a personal account on our platform in order to deliver Personal Information in a most accurate way. The Personal Account may be also used to upload your medical records and use it to browse through the available Medical Institutions and leave feedback directly. For more information regarding the Personal Information, its transfer and usage, please, read the Privacy Policy on our Website.



Upon request, GoMD.eu provides Second opinion to its Users. The second opinion is issued by the Doctors from the available Medical Institutions.

Second Opinion represents an analysis of the Patient’s previous medical records, medical history and present health condition(s), diagnosis and potential treatment planning, issued by the Medical Institutions available.

It is important to remember the following when You request a Second Opinion:

  • The diagnosis/resolution received from the Medical Institution is limited in time and provisional only.
  • The requested Second Opinion is a report based on the available medical records provided by the Patient and in no way can be viewed as a proper in-person visit evaluation.
  • In-person examination may be required before planning the actual treatment abroad.

Normally, the Second Opinion may be requested if:

  • Your doctor cannot issue a proper diagnosis.
  • The Patient has certain doubts about the medical evaluate received.
  • The treatment prescribed proved to be of a poor quality resulting into progression of the disease.
  • The Patient is eager to find alternative ways to the prescribed treatment.

Whilst using our Services, the Patient gives consent to review his/her historical medical records before, in process of and after the planned treatment. The review may be performed with its goal to continuously improve our Services and recommendations.

Whilst the Patient requests any services provided by our Company, he/she give us the authority to collect, distribute/transfer and store the medical records/reports. The medical reports may/will be transferred to the appropriate Medical Institutions for further assessment and treatment planning.

In the proviso of data collection, medical records review and obtaining the Second Opinion, by and throughout using the Company’s Services, the Patient agrees that any report issued back, including, but not limited to Seconds Opinion, is subjective and cannot and will not be used by any Party for any kind of legal actions, ie. Disputes, litigations, disability claims, legal arbitration, etc.



GoMD.eu does not hold liability to make any promises or quality assurance in terms of the services rendered by the Company.

Whilst using the website and/or the Company’s services, the Patient gives consent upon total understanding upon how it works and assumes any and all responsibility and risks from the usage of our Platform with the purpose on obtaining alternative treatment solutions.

We hereby declare that any and all personnel of GoMD.eu, its partners, brokers, agents do not hold responsibility for failures of any and all kinds, website operations termination, loss of corporate/business information, income/profit or any other financial defaults resulted from any claims, petitions, events, etc.

GoMD.eu does not bear any liability for the lack of information, accuracy or level of completion of any data/information provided by the Medical Institutions.

The Website may contain Third-Party links (i.e. travel agencies, Medical Institutions, etc.) which do not belong to GoMD.eu, thus, the Company has no influence over these’ content. Therefore, GoMD.eu does not hold liability for the external content provided by this links.



In the event of further Website and Services usage, the Patient will be asked to provide personal information.

The Personal information is stored by GoMD.eu’s facility and/or electronic format, until the Patient requires the info to be destroyed. If such requested, the Company will proceed accordingly and inform the User once completed via an official Personal Data Destruction Confirmation e-mail.

GoMD.eu does not provide a full guarantee upon the security of the data storage or transfer and does not bear any liability for the data leaks which are beyond the Company’s reach.

Nevertheless, GoMD.eu guarantees that no Personal Sensitive Data will be shared, transferred without prior consent given by the User.

We highly recommend all our Users to get acknowledged with the Privacy Policy on our website for more information concerning the data collection, usage, disclosure, storage and transfer to Medical Institutions and/or other potential Third-parties.



We hereby declare that any Website assets, such as content, presentational materials, visual content, the design, layout, graphics, etc, are the sole intellectual property of GoMD.eu. Any unauthorized usage, reproduction of the content displayed on the Website is strictly prohibited as relating to the copyrights infringement.

The Website is available for personal, non-commercial usage by the Users.

Disclaimer: Any usage of the data/information taken from GoMD.eu must be followed with the referring active link to the original source.



Any dispute formed out of the present Terms and Conditions will be submitted to the competent courts of Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.



GoMD.eu does not hold any liability or responsibility for failures, operational delay, losses caused directly or indirectly by force majeure conditions, forces that do not fall under the Company’s control, i.e. accidents, acts of terrorism or war condition, civil and/or military disturbances, strikes, natural calamities or acts of God.



In case you have any further questions or require assistance, feel free to contact us via e-mail at info@gomd.io or via our live chat support

Disclaimer: The original, legally binding version of this document is written in English, and it is translated into other languages for the courtesy of Our non-English-speaking users. If there are any discrepancies between the English version and a translated version, the English version supersedes the translated version.