The present Privacy Policy’s main goal is to acknowledge our Visitors / Users upon the information we gather from you, the methods of this information transfers, its usage, how it is shared and our legal basis for the described actions. In addition to that, the present Privacy Policy contains details upon your rights and selection in terms of the information you serve us. We, at value the privacy of our users/visitors, therefore, we hereby state that none of the collected information from you will be used for any marketing actions without your direct consent, nor we will sell any of the information stored to any third-party companies without your consent. The information we collect from you is secured. This Privacy Policy covers the information we collect on domain only. The present Privacy Policy has been designed and elaborated with the purpose of bringing to your attention the privacy rules and regulations that apply both to our Website and the Service(s) we render and you, as the User of the current Website and potential beneficiary of our Service(s). Also, the Privacy Policy herein described applies to any potential Third-Party, i.e. Medical Institutions. The collection of the personal information on our Website and/or performed by our employees is crucial for the service rendering purpose. Therefore, the collection performed has its lawful basis and is required for a positive user-company relationship. By accepting this Privacy policy and our Terms and Conditions, you, hereby, proclaim absolute suffice legal capacity in order to act accordingly to your local Laws and Regulations and give your consent to collecting, processing, transfer of your personal information. In the event that you do not fall under the legal capacity to carry on with our Website and the Service(s) we provide, we highly recommend you to obtain the consent from your legal guardians before proceeding further with the usage of our Platform. Note: Data provisioning is 100% voluntary. The user holds the ultimate rights whether to provide us with any Personal Information/ Sensitive Medical records, or not. However, it is absolutely important that in order to benefit of our Services, it is mandatory to provide us with the requested information for a potential treatment planning. We, hereby, inform you that accepts its responsibility to protect the User’s Private Information. reserves the right to review and/or implement required changes within the present Privacy Policy. You shall be informed of any changes implemented via e-mail, or you may consider monitoring our Platform’s performance and development to stay up-to-date. has the ultimate right to periodically review and change/alter the present Agreement. In the event of any changes or alterations applied to the agreement, we will inform all our users about that, making sure you are kept up to date with the new conditions. We highly recommend our Users to periodically check upon the Privacy Policy and/or Terms and conditions, when you enter out website, in order to make sure you are well informed with the conditions in place. If you disagree partially or completely with our Privacy Policy and/or Terms and Conditions, we highly encourage you to stop the services usage at once. GLOSSARY The owner of personal information — a legal person that defines the purpose of processing personal information, establishes the composition of this information and procedures for their processing unless otherwise specified by law; Consent — any voluntary expression of an individual to grant permission to process personal information in accordance with the stated purpose of the processing; Personal information processing — any action or set of actions performed partially or as whole by the informational systems that are related to the collection, registration, accumulation, storage, adaptation, modification, renewal, usage, and distribution (distribution, realization, transfer), depersonalization, destruction of information about the individual; Personal information / Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) — is any information that relates to an identified or identifiable living individual; Specific information — is any information that describes You as an individual and indicates Your special conditions. Such information may include but is not limited to: information regarding medical status, health, sex life, habits, racial or ethnic origin or religious conviction etc. Medical Institution — is any medical facility that provides medical services of a different kind to patients on behalf of and/or as a partner of INFORMATION COLLECTION AND USAGE Information collected automatically While using Our Website and/or Our Services, certain information is being collected automatically. By entering and using the Website and the Service You give Us Your consent to process and collect the following information: Log files: We register the information concerning the use of the Website, including IP address, address of another website the User came to the Website from, time of the visit, and browser type and language version; Device information: We collect the information in relation to the device (may refer further in the text as “the device”) You are using in order to get the access to the Website, including the information about device’s software and hardware etc. Usage information: We collect the information relating to the usage of the Website, including Your actions on the Website if such actions are present; Geolocation information: We collect the information about Your geolocation. We may also get the information from other sources and combine it with the information which we are gathering through the Website. How is such information used? The information that is collected automatically is used for, but not limited to, the following instances:

  • To provide the User with the latest updates of the Website and/or the Service;
  • To notify the User of any special offers that may become available on Our Website;
  • To comply with the applicable law;
  • In order to provide our users with all the functionality of the Website and Services;
  • In order to gather internal analytics and to improve Our service.

Information Provided by You In order to get the full access to our Website and the Services we render, You may be required to provide certain sensitive Personal and Specific Information, such information may be collected upon the creation of a Personal Account or by submitting a request via our contact form, including but not limited to the following: Name and Last Name; Age / Date of Birth; Address; Telephone number; E-mail; Copy of the ID or the ID number. In order to provide Our services to You in full, it is required that You provide Us with a short description of Your request in a special form on Our Website or via e-mail. Such request may contain medical history, diagnosis results, and other personal sensitive data. enforces best practices in order to keep all the sensitive data obtained from its users/visitors secured and used only upon described and lawful purposes. It is extremely recommended to keep your sensitive data as accurate as possible and if any changes take place, make sure to inform us accordingly. However, We are physically unable to ensure absolute complete security due to unforeseeable technical malfunctions and/or other reasons beyond our direct control. Therefore, we highly recommend our Users to be prudent with the information you provide us with at your sole responsibility within our website and/or via other communication channels. Hereinafter, You are entitled to request access to and correct any of your personal information if you find it inaccurate. In order to obtain the access or submit a request for the data correction, feel free to contact us directly via chat, e-mail or contact form. Phone calls and other means of communication Information described above and hereafter may as well be collected via a telephone call/conversation with one of Our representatives in order to provide the Service. NOTE: In case You do not agree with the Agreement as a whole or with a part of it please DO NOT provide any Personal and/or Specific information via phone call and/or via alternative means of communication (e.g. messengers, email etc.). In this event, “We” will have no other option thy seize the provisioning of our services to you. informs each time while on phone that all the phone calls, with no exceptions, are being recorded for both ensure the best customer satisfaction ratio uptrend and to comply with the applicable laws and regulations. We are also required by law to preserve such recordings for a period of not less than one year. Your phone calls, chats and e-mail messages are secured. STATEMENT: The Company and its employees, management personnel, partners, shareholders, and agents shall bear any liability nor be implied for any information provided by You via communication outside of and its Representatives (e.g. coordinators) and/or for any material or health damage/loss that took place due to such communication (e.g. direct telephone communication between You and a clinic/hospital, direct communication between You and a clinic/hospital via “alternative means of communication” (e.g. messengers, email, mobile applications etc.), personal (vis-a-vis) communication between You and a clinic/hospital etc.). It is at your own discretion and sole responsibility to decide which information to provide via other than through, i.e. outside communication channels. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED NOT TO PROVIDE ANY PRIVATE AND/OR SENSITIVE MEDICAL INFORMATION TO ANY INDIVIDUAL AND/OUR AUTHORITY IF YOU ARE NOT CERTAIN OF FURTHER DATA USAGE. Note: No information provided to our Users from any third parties should be expressed/perceived as the information provided by us., or its employees, management personnel, partners, shareholders, and agents will NOT be held liable for any damage caused to our Users due to such information or such communication channels. Use of Personal and other Specific information The personal and private sensitive information we gather from our Users may be used for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to the following:

  • Provide our Users with the set services range, for the means of the company and website existence purpose;
  • Walk our users through the website functionality, services rendering and offers;
  • Look up for tailored offers and treatment planning accordingly to the information provided by Medical Institutions;
  • Creating unique profiles for our Users in the system for the best services practice;
  • Keep updated upon the new offers regarding the medical services availability, offer information about the company and website’s performance based on each User’s interest expression;

Notice: By accepting the present Privacy Policy agreement, you, hereby, give your explicit consent to the processing of your private/personal data, sensitive information, medical information and its transfer to the Medical Institutions listed on our website, Along with the given consent through this Privacy Policy, We, the Company, may request in timely manner additional consent confirmation with the exact timestamp registration, via e-mail or through a given phone call. PERSONAL INFORMATION DISCLOSURE We, at, hereby state that we may use third party services (third party partners, service providers, affiliates) in order to provide best services to our Users. Therefore, personal data transfer might be required upon request. shall stay responsible for the collected data usage accordingly to the present Privacy Policy, unless it can be established that our company, nor its employees are responsible for a violation of these data. No information provided to us by our Users is disclosed, sold, leased, lent, rent or made available to any third parties without prior consent of the original holder of the data, the User, unless otherwise stated within the present Privacy Policy agreement. The disclosure of the private data or personal sensitive information may take place in the following cases or with the following purposes:

  • Transfer of personal data to the Medical Institutions, chosen at the Users request, or if no such Institution selected by the User, may select one basing on the certain search criteria applicable to each case individually (medical history, health condition, preferred destination, languages spoken by the international department of the institution and the User, best applicable price for the planned treatment). The information in this case is mainly transferred with the purpose of obtaining the quote and/or book the medical services rendered by the Medical Institutions.
  • Providing additional services User signature/consent required pair with our Website, if necessary.
  • Additional info access required by the Medical Institutions consultants, with the purpose of work assignment and/or treatment planning.
  • Noncompliance of your actions with the Website’s purpose, present Privacy and Terms and Conditions agreements.
  • In the event of any third party request to proceed with relevant content provisioning, if they have legal relationships with our company. In this case, only depersonalized information is provided only.

NOTE: The User gives the direct consent to to proceed with constant monitoring, review or analysis of the User’s communications either on the Website or via email with the Medical Institution partner of with the sole purpose for fraud prevention, risk assessment, regulatory compliance, investigation, product development, research, and customer support. shall use automated monitoring methods, review or analysis performance of the User‘s communications, however, occasionally may need to manually perform the review of some communications for fraud investigations and customer support, or to assess and improve the functionality of these automated methods. In the event that undertakes or is involved in any merger, acquisition, reorganization, sale of assets, bankruptcy, or insolvency event, then may sell, transfer or share some or all of its assets, including the User information. In this event, will notify the User before any personal data and specific personal data is transferred and becomes subject to a different privacy policy. User’s control on Information Users may forbid the collection of all the information mentioned herein, or otherwise to choose the way it is treated. A User is also entitled to request the deletion all Our systems and databases — which means that, upon User’s request, shall perform the deletion of all the information collected from the User during the whole use of the Website and the Service and provide the official Data Destruction Letter confirmation. In order to fulfil the above mentioned actions, the User has to contact us directly either via e-mail or over the phone with the applicable request and its detailed explanation, pointing out the reason of the request. USE OF COOKIES AND OTHER TECHNOLOGIES uses cookies or similar technologies to analyze the Website performance, trends, manage the Website, track Users’ movements on the site, and collect demographic information about the client base. You can control the use of cookies in Your browser settings by allowing or forbidding the use and acceptance of cookies on Your computer. THIRD-PARTY SERVICES, ADVERTISING, ANALYTICS In the event of business growth and constant development, we may allow third parties to provide contextual and other advertising and to provide analytical services related to the work of the Website and/or the Service. The third-parties may apply various identifiers to collect information about the usage of the program, including Your IP address, MAC address, device identifiers, software and hardware, time zone and information about usage, including, but not limited to the Information Collected Automatically. This information may be used by the Company and others, among other things, to determine the popularity of certain content, to provide contextual and other advertising, to monitor the Users’ performance on the Website and continuously improve our platform. SECURITY We take reasonable measures to protect Your personal information from loss, theft, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction. Moreover, We are actively monitoring and enforcing the information protection standards during all of Our activities, namely:

  • Limited access to sensitive information given only to the employees involved directly in assisting you throughout your travel;
  • NDA agreements signed with all the employees;
  • NDA agreements signed with our partners and external companies invited for render their services fully or partially of particular functions and signing of non-usage agreements with the purpose to prevent any unauthorized usage of your personal data;
  • Storing of the personal information obtained from the User in encrypted form, at protected servers secured from unauthorized access.

Since there is no perfect secure method of protecting information during its storage, processing, and transfer into electronic form, We do not give the full warranty of its complete safety, despite all efforts made by the Company. CONTACT US If You have any questions, concerns or suggestions regarding Our Privacy Policy, please contact Us at Push Notification: with Your consent, We may send a Push Notification when You are on the Website or to Your email or mobile number that You specified upon completion of the request form on the Website to provide information related to the Website, service updates, promotional messages and other relevant messages. By filling out the request form on the Website, You automatically agree to receive informational or advertising messages from the Company and/or its partners. STORAGE OF THE INFORMATION The Company will store and use information as long as it is necessary to provide quality services and as long as such use is recognized by the Company as expedient. Disclaimer: The original, legally binding version of this document is written in English, and it is translated into other languages for the courtesy of Our non-English-speaking Users. If there are any discrepancies between the English version and a translated version, the English version supersedes the translated version.